Entry #2

Got a job

2017-01-10 21:53:56 by CultistLemming

So things worked out for me and I was able to land an animation job. As a result I will now have a proper income moving forwards and will be able to do bigger and better things. I'm super pumped for the future and the rest of 2017, as it has been pretty great so far.

I hope that everyone here on Newgrounds has a great new year!


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2017-01-10 22:04:15

good luck with the job and the fat stacks of cash

CultistLemming responds:

I'm gonna buy so much food, no more subsisting on tofu and rice


2017-01-10 23:24:38

not doing in-betweens in a Korean sweatshop i hope


2017-01-11 00:01:34

You lucky bastard...